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40 Days of Tips, Tricks, and Links: Day 7

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It’s questionable whether today’s link will make you a better grad student or not. It will make you smarter, so that’s at least worth something. This link comes from the all-knowing Wikipedia. As I’m sure you’re familiar with, Wikipedia is packed with information on just about any topic you could ask for. In recent years it has become an indispensable tool for research and quick fact-checking. The problem with just using it for research or school though, is that you never get to explore the randomness of the 3,500,000+ articles on the largest crowd-sourced encyclopedia.

Enter Wiki Random. From any article in Wikipedia, you can hit the link on the side of the page and go to a random article. To make that even better, you can set that link as a bookmark in your internet browser. Add as a bookmark to your bookmarks bar or favorites. Whenever you need a mental break, hit that link and you’ll be transported to a page to learn about who knows what. This magical ability is also available to you via the keyboard: while on Wikipedia, hit control-option-x (or alt-x for you Windows users) and you’ll be taken to a random page. Use this when taking a break to learn about something new and unexpected, but be careful not to let it take too much time. Too many hours to count have been lost in the sea of knowledge that is Wikipedia.

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Written by Taylor M.

March 16, 2011 at 6:06 pm

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