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40 Days of Tips, Tricks, and Links: Day 14

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Today, for me, has been one of those days that dragged. Motivation was through the floor, the yawns kept coming, and I just couldn’t find the energy to do a ton of work. To be sure, I did accomplish several things today, but my heart just wasn’t in it and I wasn’t as energetic as I normally am. On the bright side, however, I can pinpoint exactly why I’ve been feeling this way and I know how to counteract it in the future.

The cause of my laziness today really stems from the very first choice I made this m0rning: I decided to go back to sleep for a few minutes after my alarm went off. I got to bed a little late and I was feeling particularly tired, but I decided to close my eyes and drift off again for a few minutes. Whenever I do this, inevitably I feel like crap throughout the rest of the day. I’ve actually done some self-experimentation with this and proved to myself that this really is the cause. Days when I wake up as soon as my alarm goes off, and then actually stay awake, I feel 100x better! Even when I didn’t get enough sleep during the night, if I manage to stay awake after my alarm goes off then I feel more energetic and motivated throughout the day. The momentary pain of staying awake in the morning is outweighed by the positives that I experience because of this choice.

If you’ve been having trouble feeling motivated during the day or you just have general feelings of being tired, then do this little experiment: alternate days of sleeping in and getting up immediately and record how you feel during the day. Are you more tired or alert? Did you feel motivated or lackadaisical? Jot down a couple of notes a day and see if you notice a difference. Chances are that you will, and if you take steps to make it a habit of getting up when the alarm goes off, then you’re well on your way to feeling great the majority of your time!

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Written by Taylor M.

March 24, 2011 at 7:42 pm

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